What is this extra space at end of song?

I’ve included an image of an MP3 that I deleted portions from the beginning and end. That went well. However, I know have some artifact at the end of the song, past where I deleted. I have tried to delete this also but it remains. The song should stops at 2:46 but goes on with blank space until 2:55. You can see this on the bottom row, just above the scroll in the image. It isn’t completely blank as I can hear some periodic clicking. Sounds sort of like a metronome though.

Any ideas how I can delete this extra ~9 seconds of dead space?

All I can see in that image beyond 2:46 is empty space - nothing - which is normal. If you zoom out you will see that the empty space continues for hours. If you try playing “empty space” it should be totally silent because there is nothing there. I suspect that if you can hear a quiet “ticking” sound it is likely to be interferences, probably from the hard drive, being picked up by your sound card and not actually in the recording.

Maybe you didn’t click the image to reveal the full image, which you can see there is something from 2:46 to 2:55. When I export the song, all of those goes with it, which isn’t what I want. It should only export up to 2:46 but instead it exports up to 2:55.

Please upload a screen shot showing all the tracks from zero to the end of the longest track. There appears to be another track below the one you are showing, otherwise there would be no dark grey / light grey selection indication.

A quick solution is to select the first track then do File > Export Selection, which will ignore any other tracks in the project. But I’m curious as to how you managed to make the indicated selection.

– Bill

Bill, that led to the solution. I completely expanded the window and could see some other track below the 2 I was working with. I deleted it and now all is well. I’ve included the full screen shot so you can see what I mean. Thanks.