what is the best way to remove frequencies that you dont'

hi there. i’m try to remove frequencies between 30 - 33 hz and remove higher then 1400 hz. what is the best way to do this or stop them in that range so that i don’t loss bass and treble bass?

Effect > Equalization.

Grab the blue/green line with your mouse and push down the frequencies you want to suppress. You can increase the detail in the tool by just pulling the window wider. Leave the filter Length in the middle of its range unless you need much more detailed control of pitch.


Too many dips and peaks in the graph may sound funny. Equalization isn’t completely “free.” It can cause some distortion in the sound if you go nuts.

How did you pick those frequencies?


i’m tryed eq it’ doesn’t do customized window for ranges that i want. i don’t want to draw it in. what i want is a text window for that range in eq. only if gale could put that in for me. well, can it be done?
plus i’ve looked on the net for frequency range suppressor and there is none in text window

You’ll need a notch-filter for that, at 31.5Hz with a high q-value (>20).

That can be done with Audacity’s equalizer.
It could also be done with Audacity’s “bass and treble” which has a text-interface.
Set treble at -30dB , if that’s not bassy enough for you, set bass to +30dB as well.

i said. i don’t want loss treble and bass either. i just want to loos frequneices without lossing bass and treble. just need to loos frequencies above 1400 hz

Your brief was …

That means cut treble …

never mind but thanks anyway iv’e found what i’m looking for.