What is best to use to record Vinyl

Just starting out with Audacity.
I have connected my turntable to a phono stage which outputs through either USB or phono plug.
What is best to use - USB or line-in?


Unless you’re on a Mac or desktop PC, you don’t have a stereo line-in, so USB it is.

Should have mentioned that I am using a desktop PC.
So the question is still there - what gives best quality.

That’s a bit like asking if French cars are better than German cars - it depends what you get.
There are some excellent PCI sound cards, and excellent USB sound cards. There are also some rubbish sound cards of both varieties.
The sound cards that are included as standard with most PC are generally fairly low quality - it’s one of the areas than manufacturers frequently cut corners - as long as it “plays” sound OK, that is good enough.

The Behringer UCA 202 USB is a no-frills “stereo line level in/out” device that knocks spots off most other similarly priced (cheap) sound cards.
ART also make some good, inexpensive USB devices.
Specialist companies such as RME and MOTU make many excellent sound cards in PCI, PCI Express, USB, Firewire and ADAT formats (mostly quite expensive).
Top of the range professional A/D, D/A converters can cost $thousands.

I guess it remains to try both then and listen.