What I use Audacity for. Basic stuff

I’m not a high tech type of guy. I use Audacity for just a few things using the most simple options.
I like to record old cassette tapes to audacity. Most are home recordings of music or speaking. Some of the tapes are decades old. I connect my cassette tape player to the line-in, hit record on Audacity and Play on the tape player. Once a whole side of the tape is in Audacity, I save the project. Then I split up the songs by copying each one and paste it into a new project. I then edit the song by chopping off the unneeded beginning and end. I might add Reverb or maybe even change the pitch. I have my guitar (tuned to 440) at the computer so I can see if the recording is at standard pitch. If not, I can change it in Audacity before I export it. A lot of cassette recorders that were used years ago to record the song weren’t that great or the batteries were low, etc. I usually export in Mp3 since I like to email songs. I also use Wave.
Sometimes I’ll put the finished product into iTunes. I can make an iTunes playlist then burn a CD.
Other times I will use a Tascam hand-held recorder to record a band I’m with, either at practice or at a gig. I then bring it home and connected it to my computer and put the whole performance into Audacity. I can then do the same as above, splitting the recording into individual songs, saving them as Mp3 then into iTunes. I can then burn a CD to practice with or listen to in the car. It’s a good practice tool.
I can also record myself practicing a guitar solo or lick at home, putting it into Audacity, copy and paste it several times on one track, then play along with it until I get it right. I also slow down a guitar part of someone else’s solo so I can learn it slowly until I can play it at correct speed on my guitar.
I sometimes find a song on YouTube and convert it to Mp3 with Any Video Converter. I can then import it into Audacity to slow down and play along with. There’s many uses in Audacity for a musician. These are simple things that don’t take a lot of time, but really help me.
Sometimes a friend will record a band with his Tascam and ask me to put it on CD for him. Piece of cake.
Thought I’d share.


NB: “Any Video Converter” ∈ any video converter.

i.e. there are many YouTube-to-mp3 converters, not all are safe.

I’ve used that one for a couple years with no problems. Do you recommend one?

Hello Friend,

I’m trying to record audio from old cassettes as well but can’t seem to get my computer or Audacity to recognize the cassette player. I just purchased a new player with a cord that has firewire on the end that leads from the player and a USB on the end into my computer, but no success. Any suggestions for me are helpful?

I come out of the recorder line out with a 1/8" plug(RCA to 1/8") into the line in on the back of my desktop computer(the blue input). I open Audacity and hit record. Then turn on the tape deck. It recognizes it and works fine. My tape deck is about 20 years old, just a basic tape deck like used with old stereo systems. I hope that helps.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Seems it was just my computer needing several updates to drivers that had to do with audio. Once I ran all of the updates, it recognized the tape player as an input device and I was able to use it with no problems in Audacity.

I’m glad to hear that helped. I’ve probably done 100 cassettes and a dozen or so recordings from my Tascam digital. Works like a charm.

Hey Friend, Happy Holidays,
Thanks very much for sharing what you use Audacity for. Very informative & useful. I wish more members would contribute to the community like you did. I will archive your feedback for future reference.

I also use Audacity for basic things like you do, vinyl & cassettes, and I’m always running into issues that bog me down. I’ve left questions but except for only once have I received a reply with any detail to resolve it.

For the most part the help feature is useful, but at times you(I) have to have other knowledge to proceed.

Again, thanks for your input, I will look for future posts from you.


I’m happy to help, even with my limited knowledge. I know what works for me. I sometimes think of Audacity as a no cost Pro-tools! It’s been very helpful to me as a music tool. I have trouble splicing two parts of a song together and keeping on-beat. I’m working on that. Thanks for your comments.