What Happened to "WAV (Microsoft)

I am on Audacity for Windows, version 3.04.
I was surprised to see the export option I need to use for phone system recordings is gone.
I typically will export using Save as “Other uncompressed files” | Header “WAV (Microsoft)” | Encding “U-law”
The WAV (Microsoft) choice is now GONE.
Has it been renamed? What else would be an appropriate replacement to use for audio files being uploaded to a Mitel / Shoretel phone system. These are the settings I have always used to make my Wav file compatible with these systems.

I never use u-Law so I don’t know what’s changed but with Audacity 3.0.4 I can use:

File → Export → Export as WAV
Save as type: WAV (Microsoft)
Encoding: U-Law

It is no longer in “Other uncompressed files” as “WAV (Microsoft)” has its own entry at the top of the list.

but as DVDdoug wrote, the easiest way is to just use “File menu > Export > Export as WAV”, and then select the options that you require.