What does the "Snap-To" feature do?

I see that setting “Snap-To” to “Nearest” affects only the cursor, which hardly seems useful. Can it do anything else?

After reading the Snap-To section in the manual several times, I got the idea of snapping the start and end of an audio clip to the parameters of a click track. But no mention is made of how to perform such a task. Looks like I totally misunderstood what I read. Here is what I tried to do:

  1. I imported an audio clip then generated a rhythm (click) track of the same length and tempo.
  2. I added some silence at the beginning, so that the start of the first beat in the audio clip lines up with the start of the first click in the rhythm track. The two tracks start out in sync, but than the audio clip is gradually longer, until 0.45 seconds out of sync with the last beat in the click track (audio drift).
  3. I placed the cursor at the start of the last beat in the rhythm track then read the time shown in the “Audio Position” field, which I entered into the “End of Selection” field.
  4. I then tried Ctrl+Shift+right arrow key that someone used in a YouTube post, hoping the end of my audio clip would snap to the end of the click track, thereby synchronizing the audio track to the click track. Nothing happens for me.

So am I using an incorrect command, or is the “Snap-To” feature merely limited to cursor placement? I suspect that I might be attempting to do something that is not possible in Audacity.