What do I have wrong? [screenshot]

Windows XP, W7 Pro; Aud 2.2.2

When audacity displays my audio files - .tsp extension, in these cases, I get a long blank space on the beginning of the timeline.

There is no ‘delay’, when I play these files in media players, in Linux environment, or in Windows.

I have no problem editing, but am still wondering if I have a setting wrong (it DOES take Audacity 5 - 8 minutes to read these files, ranging from 200 - 700KB )

5 minutes to rip the audio from two hours of video seems about right to me.

Makes sense T ; these are 3hr - 10hr music streams. But STILL, why the blank timeline space???

After rendering a dozen or so of them with the blank space, I get a proper T/L display; who knows…