What audio frequency is the most pleasant to the human ear?

Hello Folks Myself Emmanuel Katto From Uganda, I Just Wanted To Know What is the most pleasant frequency of sound for human ears? What is the most unpleasant frequency of sound for human ears? How is this research conducted?

Please Let Me Know

Thank You!

I don’t think you’ll find a solid-scientific answer to that. But if you Google it, there is plenty of pseudo-science.

Any single-frequency annoys me very quickly and I’m sure that’s true for most people. Variety is one of the things that makes music enjoyable!

Fingernails scraped down a blackboard …

Works with frequencies centered around 3000Hz. That’s “baby screaming an a jet.” Also, above, fingernails on blackboard, etc.

I’m looking this one up, but classic land-line telephones carried frequencies between about 300Hz to 3000Hz. The instant you go lower pitch than 3000Hz, the clear intelligibility falls off sharply.


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