what audio file to import into PPT 2011 slides?

Can another audio file (other than .wav) be exported from Audacity and then imported into PPT 2011 slides on my iMac (using El Capitan)?

Here is what I need to do: 1) create 10-22 PPT slides with reduced file size (no photos involved, just text); 2) import Audacity narrations (as what file name?); 3) save this narrated PPT file as a movie (can only save as .mov on iMac); 4) convert everything into a .mp4 movie with narrated slides, for students to access online.

I’m in a “holding pattern” trying to solve this series of problems.

Have tried about 10 commercial Converters (“trial” versions) – but none work. Some display a .mp4 movie, but without narration (no sound). Some produce a file size that is too large (must be 45MB of less).

Anything in here help?
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.40.51 PM.png
Stock QuickTime is a Movie Player and pretty much useless for production. Unlike QuickTime 7 Pro. QT7 Pro is a full-on production tool and may be what you’re looking for,

Last I checked, it’s paid software, so if it has to be free, keep looking. I think I have two license keys around somewhere.



There’s an additional trick to this casting my mind back. Even if you don’t see your video format, select MPEG4 and that might open up a panel to all the MPEG4 variations and options.

It’s been a while since I did that.

There are also size and compression options. You can make the video so small it’s almost impossible to see the content.



Most of QT 7 Pro’s features have been available in “normal” QT for years now. I think since Lion. But it can only save QT movies (.mov). It can still save m4v’s (mpeg4) if you choose “export for ipad, iphone…”.

I suspect that using PowerPoint as a start is the source of your problem. It has a tendency to mangle formats.

One program that can do what you want, is Open Broadcaster Software. It’s open source and free.


You will need to invest some time to find out how to work this program, though, as it can do a lot more than just audio with slides.

All of QT 7 Pro’s features have been available in “normal” QT for years now. I think since Lion.

I wonder what changed their mind/who left the company? QT7 was a gift from the angels and then Somebody at The Company said it was much too difficult to use and QTX came out stripped down to socks, spectacles and shorts.

And then after the firestorm, separate QT7 and QT7-Pro were offered.


That’s easy enough to see…

Apple is/was going consumer. Hence Garageband beside Logic. Final Cut X in stead of FC Pro. And so on.

It’s logical, as they have sold over a billion iOS devices. They tried to cater to pro’s, while there were many more consumers out there.

The pro’s revolted a bit. But most tools are still available. And things have gotten a lot simpler for the consumer.

To paraphrase George Carlin: “Consider how smart the average person is. And then consider how smart the lower half of the statistic is”. Marketing to less intelligent people works better than marketing to smart people. There’s more of the not-so-smart and it’s far easier to influence them…