Weird problem. Windows 7 x64

Hi. I’m taking classes online at Berklee and I’m using Audacity to record my homework assignments.

I had a latency issue when I was taking my piano course, but searching the forums helped me resolve my issue.

I’m now taking a fingerstyle guitar course, and I’ve hit some more issues that I was unable to search the forums for answers for adequately.

I don’t know how to describe this problem… So I’ll provide some good info about my recording setup and try my best:

GUITAR > PODxt > BOSS RC-20XL loop pedal > Toshiba Satellite something or other (will look into make/model of laptop if it seems crucially necessary. I bought it in 2010, if that helps…)

When I recorded my keyboard (through the loop pedal>laptop [nothing else]) it sounded fine. No issues (other than latency which I resolved).

When I record my guitar, I get this weird thing. It starts off normal. A little loud and clippy, but normal. Then it does this weird flangy phase shift and it sounds all muddled. It’ll wax and wane, but at no point will it sound like what is coming from my computer speakers.

Naturally, I assumed my PODxt was the issue. It’s not. In the recording provided you will hear 3 takes (the last one isnt the same. I fucked up, but it still sounds notable different.) The first track is as I desctibed: Guitar > POD > Loop > compy

Second track is a decent/bad studio mic (Audio technica Pro 31? I know not much of microphones.) plugged into my loop pedals secondary input. (This input is where I had my keyboard plugged in for my keyboard course. I had no issues through this setup.) I get the same weird flangy phase shifty sound.

To eliminate further suspicions, I went from the same mic direct into my laptops mic input. It’s the same weird effect and it’s also the most muddled.

I can do more setups and record if that helps fix my issue. I just want to be able to record guitar for my class.

EDIT: Mods who are apparently approving my last submission: DONT! Here’s one with the recording! Sorry for being a such a n00b!

Calm down. Breath. Breath.

This may be a known Windows problem. Does this help?