Weird PlugIn Issue - Plugin Ghosts?

On Windows 10, I copied some vsts into the Audacity plugin folder. Originally I had checked which plugins were showing up (prior to any copy) and some older plugins were there. I didn’t pay close attention.

Now, when I look at the plugins under the Add Effect item on the Effect menu, I’m looking at the file locations of some plugins, that don’t exist at these locations on my machine. From memory, these are some plugins from an old Steinberg folder hierarchy on a different machine (from 5 years ago), and when I check to be sure this hierarchy does not exist at preset, it does not.

How can I unravel this mystery? I reset this whole thing by deleting pluginregistry.cfg in the App Data\Roaming folder. But can someone tell me how that migrated from years ago? This is a new Apps\Roaming\Audacity. How can it be resurrecting earlier stuff, and saying they work and are enabled (of course I didn’t try all of them to see if they worked, but I imagine if Audacity sees a .dll, then it WOULD WORK)?

Yes deleting pluginregistry.cfg is the correct solution to problems if effects you have removed continue to show up.

We can’t see your computer to say why you saw what you did. Perhaps some old environment variables from an old networked machine have resurfaced.