Weird kind of echo on the recording

I have a problem. I recorded a pretty good episode (I think) with a yoga nidra therapist with a huge following (was pretty nervous) live on audacity. I always listened parallelly on the headphones. But: my recording sounds so strange suddenly from minute 25 on till the end. I dont know exactly what it is, it sounds as if you are listening to something with old headphones and they arent fully plugged it (it kind of has a weird echo). Has anyone had this and knows a solution for it on audacity? Or do I have to rerecord it? Would be so glad for any inputs. It’s not a classical background noise I could cut out as it only occurs when someone is talking… so weird.

You’ll need to re-record. Fortunately, it sounds like you can do that.

Make sure Audible Input Monitoring is turned OFF. It creates internal feedback loop when you’re recording what you’re listening to and listening to what you’re recording. That can create an echo or “run-away feedback” if each echo gets louder.

And make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF. It’s trying to “help” but it can cause some weird problems.

That’s strange…

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