Web based recording possible?

I do NOT know if this is the right place but my company is trying to build an online recording and editing suite for our members. Has anyone attempted this with Audacity? Thanks for any help in any direction and I apologize if this was posted in the incorrect forum. I tried searching and didn’t come up with anything.

Thanks, Sean

Audacity is not suitable for on-line use. It is not security hardened and may expose security vulnerabilities in a public network environment. Also, it works with 32-bit uncompressed data (so requires large amounts of data throughput, and has no mechanisms for dealing with network delays.

For web based recording, you may be better looking at client-side encoding to a compressed format before transferring the data over the network.

Online audio editors exist
However recording with them is a risky-business: momentary loss of internet means that some audio is lost for ever.

Looks like someone has virtualized Audacity 2.0.4***** …

I couldn’t get it to record though.

[ ***** A reminder of how fast the Audacity equalizer GUI used to be ].

Looks like they are creating guest accounts on a server, with a virtualised graphical environment.

No, it can’t record as there is no recording device: