Waves NS1 Plug in

I am running Windows 10 and recently downloaded the NS1 noise suppression plug in. I’m very new to this and this is the first plug in I’ve tried. I can’t get it to show up in Audacity. I called the Waves help desk and was told that Audacity was not supported for this plug in but it still may be usable. Does anyone have experience using the NS1 plug in with Audacity and how do I get it to work??
any help is appreciated.


:frowning: Audacity is not on the [u]list of officially supported hosts[/u], and the current WAVES plug-ins are 64-bit whereas Audacity for Windows is 32-bits and incompatible with 64-bit plug-ins. If you can find an older 32-bit version it MIGHT work even though it’s not “officially supported”.

Most commercial plug-ins don’t officially support Audacity. I just assume that’s because most Audacity users won’t pay for plug-ins. Or, MAYBE Audacity is incompatible with iLok or other other anti-piracy schemes. Free plug-ins usually don’t have a list of supported hosts so it’s hit-or-miss.

Looks like 64-bit (&VST3) plugin …
https ://www .waves.com/plugins/ns1-noise-suppressor#tab-tech-specs|tab-sys-req

Currently only some 32-bit VST plugins are compatible with Audacity on Windows, (e.g. VST not VST3).

Thanks for the input. I should have checked it out better before I purchased. Lesson learned!!

I should have checked it out better before I purchased.

And before you buy, it would be nice to know if it works better than Audacity’s built-in noise reduction for your particular noise problem.

Sometimes a vendor has a 32-bit version sitting on the shelf - waiting for someone to ask. Have you asked ?

I had the same question and was surprised at the answer because the moderator of a webinar sang the praises about how people in the industry use the NS1 noise suppression with Audacity ALL THE TIME. Was I hoodwinked? Bamboozled even?

64-bit versions of Audacity do exist. The MacOS version of Audacity currently runs as a 64-bit application and Linux is available as 64bit.

Don’t throw away your newly purchased 64-bit plug-in just yet as developer discussions are currently underway to consider a 64-bit Windows version of Audacity for 3.0.3:

The most likely things to derail 64 bit for Windows with 3.0.3 are:

  • Plug-in compatibility
  • Possible speed regressions (if we’re now using 64 bits in places where 32 bits will do fine)