Waveforms don't show properly from imported audio file

Whenever I try to open any audio or video file in Audacity,

Waveforms are shown like this

Above is the perfect recording of the song “Kaise Hua”. We all know that the track is not clipped or anything like that. Be it any song the waveforms are shown like this. Why is this so? Can applying effects to these cause problems?

The red highlighted locations ae telling you that the maximum amplitude level that Audacity can handle is being exceeded. This may be only instantaneous values which you will not necessarily be able to hear. The correct solution is to reduce your recording level but you can investigate the file you have loaded by reducing the level using the amplify tool with a negative value. This will lower the overall volume and you can then examine the waveform by zooming in to see if any of the wave peaks or troughs have a straight horizontal profile which indicates that they have actually been clipped.

NB reducing the amplitude of an existing file does not fix the clipping but there is an effect called clip fix which will repair the clipped portions.

Playing recordings that have a serious level of clipping can damage equipment!

Audio is not clipped. It is a perfect studio quality released track in a film. Still every song shows like this.

After it has been stepped-on 2 or 3 times …

after it’s been encoded by YouTube,
then audio ripped from it by “Y2mate”,
then made into a lossy 128kbps mp3, just for good measure.

It’s best to leave ~1dB headroom as a safety-margin.
Otherwise you risk clipping which is difficult/impossible to repair.

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