Waveform out of phase or periodicity offset

Does someone know what’s going on in the image and what to do?

It looks like a bad DC offset. Most like a problem with your soundcard/soundchip.

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What he said. The job of the microphone system is to translate the vibrations of your voice into digital bits and shovel them off to the computer. Yours is translating the vibrations of your voice and the battery.

This is a smaller version of the same thing. This example goes down instead of up.

The waves on the right are normal.

Describe your microphone or interface system. Reading for audiobooks?


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Thank you very much, but the recording is made by someone else. Removed DC offset from the linked manual.

Interface names in the manual are a little different from the current program version ( To perform removal, choose Effect > Normalize, with the option checked "Remove any DC offset (center on 0 vertically) ". Uncheck the “Normalize maximum amplitude” box).