waveform being cut off on recording [SOLVED]

I just bought a new computer, running on Windows 10. I am recording through a Focusright Scarlett 2i2. When I record into Audacity, the waveform is cut off (hard limitted) at approximately +/- 0.50, rather than going all the way up to 1.0. I can later amplify the level all the way up to 1.0, so the problem does not seem to be in Audacity. I checked my audio devices in Windows, and the Scarlett 2i2 input recording level is in fact at 100%. Does anyone have any idea what might be limiting my input volume.?

You’re recording in mono and using only one input, right? I know that seems like the right thing to do, but when you set-up for mono both input channels on the interface still work… Each input gets 50%, so if you plug in a 2nd mic you should get to 100%. (I think it’s the drivers doing that.)

One solution is to record in stereo and then delete the unused/silent channel. There is a bit more information in the [u]FAQ[/u].

Or, you can just live with it and optionally amplify in post production. I assume the Scarlett’s front panel clipping indicators are telling the “truth”, and showing clipping when either channel by itself hits 50% in Audacity?

waveform being cut off on recording

FYI - That’s called [u]clipping[/u].

Thank you! Yes, that is exactly what is happening. (And to answer your question, yes the signal showed clipping when it reached 50% in Audacity.) Strange that it did not happen with my previous computer running Windows 7. I was able to record with one channel into mono without it splitting the signal. I guess this is a function of the new driver for Windows 10. Anyway, the workaround that is explained in detail in the FAQ that you referred me to solves the problem. It is a bit annoying because there are now 2 extra steps that I have to perform for each audio file, but at least it works in the end. Thanks for your help!