Waveform and audio not in sync

I have been using Audacity for about 15 years.

I recently upgraded to MacOS 12.2 (Monterey) and to Audacity 3.13.

On playback, audio and waveform are now out of sync. The audio is heard about 0.4 seconds ahead of the accompanying waveform. (This makes finding precise edit points rather tough!)

Any idea why this might be occurring?

As far as we can tell this is an issue with 30-bit displays and lag in updating the screen. In previous versions of macOS there was an option in the Get Info screen to open Audacity in low resolution. That option is apparently gone in macOS 12.

This user found a solution: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/3-1-3-laggy-on-monterey/63863/1

– Bill

Thx! (And thx to temevan for finding a solution.) Making that change in the Info.plist file seems to have fixed the audio/waveform sync problem.

Unfortunately, the change also makes Audacity’s letters and numbers look a little fuzzy on my Mac’s retina display (MacBook Pro – 16-inch, 2019). :cry:

Interestingly, Audacity now looks clearer on my 2005 Apple Cinema HD Display!

Thanks again for your help.


A follow-up on this issue: I have discovered that even though the Info.plist file seems to have fixed the audio/waveform sync problem, now Audacity sometimes will not launch.

A MacOS pop-up error message says: “The application ‘Audacity.app’ can’t be opened.”

A second pop-up message says: “Wrapper quit unexpectedly.” (It also says “Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.”)

Any ideas for a fix?

Sorry, but I have not upgraded to macOS12 yet so I don’t have any insights on this.
– Bill