Wave format (from new 32bit to old 16bit) batch conversion

Good morning everyone.
I use google translator because my English is a bit poor.
I come from the Adobe world and I must say that audacity is truly a great project. I have this problem: I need to convert wave files of various formats, generally 48Khz 32 bit stereo into 44/16 bit stereo NON-compressed format, the classic WAVE file which it was used in the early years of the digital era, in which DATA was written in the header and not JUNK.
Unfortunately, Adobe programs now save in WAV format which is no longer compatible with these old parameters and I discovered that audacity is able to convert from the new format to the old one.
I tried to create a macro with IMPORT from FOLDER *.WAV and Export to WAV format. but it replies that I can’t find the files
Is it possible to convert the files automatically, as I would like to do?
Thanks to anyone who can give me some suggestions

Import2:Filename=“C:\Users\Mario\Desktop\Andy and Norman Playlist*.wav”

When you run a Macro against “Files” your import command is assumed. You can select one or multiple files. Try it with one or two first. So all you need then is your export command.

If you are just converting without editing try Kabuu Audio Converter or TAudioConverter.

Once you’ve set-up your output format and destination it’s just “drag, drop, and click”, and you can drag-in multiple files and convert a batch at once.

16/44.1 uncompressed is the audio CD standard so it’s STILL VERY POPULAR. Audio CDs don’t have “WAV” files or any “computer files” but you can rip a CD to WAV and you get identical digital audio data in a “WAV package’”. Or if you burn a CD from a 16/44.1 fie, the CD will contain the same-exact digital data.

If you are talking about metadata (AKA “tags”) like artist/album/title, etc., it’s not well-standardized or widely-supported for WAV. Almost all of the other popular formats are better for metadata/tags.

FLAC is lossless, metadata is better-supported, and as a bonus the lossless compression gives you a file about half the size of WAV. So it might be a good option if your player supports it.

A lot of people make a FLAC master archive of all their music and then they can make MP3s, or whatever, for their phone or burn a CD in the future, etc.

Thank you all. I’ve had develop an audio/light program for stage that use wave audio file to sicronize light show. The new "WAV"format has a lot byte into that give my some error during load sample. I’ve bypasses these error with a work around routine. If I use an “old” WAV file…all work’s fine. I’read many post on header structure and , for me, is more simple convert “new” wave file into “old” wave file. Now I use audition2 but,It has problem with new operative system. I’ve found in audacity a good solution.
Than’s again for the replays

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