.wav vs .aup

I’m using Aud ver 2.o4 Windows XP Recording streaming audio with no problems! My only question at this
point is some files show (for example): the file name.aup while others are file name .wav.aup
Please explain. Thank You

AUP is a project file. The file contains “instructions” and pointers to audio files, but there is no audio in an AUP file. There is some information [u]here[/u].

In general, I’d recommend exporting to WAV immediately after recording or after making any “major changes” to a project. Occasionally “stuff happens” when working with computers and if one of the files associated with the AUP gets moved or accidentally damaged, it’s good to have a WAV backup file.

Sometimes I don’t even make an AUP file. I do lots of simple stuff, so I’ll usually open the original file, make some edits, and export it to WAV or MP3, etc.

Exporting .wav is the process I’ve been doing.Just wanted to be sure I’m getting the best possible recording. I also (found out the hard way) when asked if
I want to save the changes to click YES.The first time I clicked No thinking since I exported
I’m OK.Needless to say I lost that session!

I’m using Aud ver 2.o4 Windows XP Recording streaming audio with no problems!

If that’s really 2.0.4, you should upgrade to Audacity 2.0.6.

Audacity will not Save a sound file. It will only save projects which have an AUP manager file and a _DATA folder with sound clips. Double click on the AUP file to bring the show back. The AUP and the _DATA folder of the same name have to be in the same place or folder to open.

You can Export a WAV stand-alone sound file that almost any computer can play. Only Audacity can play a Project.


Just a reminder to read Important information for Windows XP users.