WAV files recorded with FTR Audio


I am on Windows 10 Home, x64 bit processor trying to find out how to combine multiple WAV audio files into one WAV file. When I try to import the audio via Import/Audio, I get a message saying it doesn’t recognize it and to either download FFmpeg or Import/Raw Data. I downloaded the FFmpeg but don’t see that it’s doing anything and have located it. When I import Raw Data it imports the file but is just scratchy noise.

Any thoughts on what I need to do to resolve this issue?

Audacity Audio Imported.png
Audacity Audio Message.png

By default, Audacity will attempt to import WAV files using its built-in PCM importer.

If you have FFmpeg for Audacity installed, then you can force Audacity to use FFmpeg rather than its built in importer. To do that:

“File > Import > Audio”
Then in the import dialg, set the format filter to “FFmpeg compatible files”
Then select the file and click the “Open” button.

It’s probably not a “regular” WAV file. Almost all WAV files are uncompressed PWM but it can be a “container” with compressed audio.

I’m not familiar with FTR. Are there save/export options for different formats? Is there a forum or support where you can find out what’s “different” about it or how you can edit it?

Does it play in Windows Media Player?

…Maybe you’re not supposed to edit it?

[u]MediaInfo[/u] might give some clues about the file.

As a “last resort” you can always play it and [u]record what’s playing on the computer[/u].

This is not related to your immediate problem, but regular WAV files are limited to 4GB which can be a couple of hours depending on the sample rate, but depth, and number of channels.

Thank you, Steve and DVDdoug.

I tried your steps but do not get the dialog box when I choose “File>Import>Audio”. I’ve attached another screenshot. It takes me directly to my folder that I need that contains the WAV files, then when I select one of them, I get the popup box about not recognizing the audio and to download the FFmpeg.

These are audio files from court for my work. FTR is a software that the courthouse uses to record. I am a court reporter and report some of the hearings that are recorded and once I have them in a transcript format in my court reporting software, there is an option to associate audio with my translated text but it will only accept one WAV file, so I need to find out how to combine them into one WAV file.

I think I will contact FTR to see if they have any insight on this. If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them and give it a shot!
Importing FTR audio into Audacity.png

Sure you do. The “Import dialog” is the window in your picture that says “Select one or more files” at the top.
The “format filter” is currently set to “All files” (the drop-down selector at the bottom of that window).

:blush: As you can tell, I’m not very computer literate! Thank you! I selected the FFmpeg format but got the same popup that it doesn’t recognize it.

I have a request in to FTR support to see if they have suggestions on how to group these into one file.

I’ve just had a quick look on Google, and found that FTR Audio is a propitiatory format. There is a free player available here: https://www.fortherecord.com/download-ftr-player/
Audacity will not be able to open the FTR Audio files, but if you play them in the free FTR Audio player, you will probably be able to record them in Audacity in the same way as recording any other audio that plays on the computer. See the “WASAPI loopback” section on this page: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html

I’m going to give that a try and see what happens! Will let you know if it worked!