Wav files in Media Player cannot open

I am trying to convert cassettes into an audio cd. These are homemade cassettes of ‘family’ musicals, etc. I am exporting as a WAV to My Music on my computer; I hit copy to audio cd, it goes into media player then gives me the error message that it cannot open. I have gotten a secondary message that the media rights are missing. I have worked in media player before and have successfully copied portions of cds into one - soooo, there must be something in audacity that I’m missing. Is there somewhere that I designate burn rights? Help! these tapes are of my husband who passed away several years ago and I would like to get them onto cds.

I am working with Windows XP.

Thank you.

Sharon C.

Let me guess, you’re using Windows Media Player? I hate Windows Media Player - all that “phone back to Uncle Bill”, DRM, “Let me check on-line for a Codec…oh there isn’t one”, “back up licenses”… Oh for goodness sake, I just want to play an audio file !!!

So that’s my little rant over.

My guess is that you’ve recorded at 24 bit or 32 bit and Exported in that format, so Windows is complaining.

You don’t say what version of Audacity you are using - if you’ve not got it yet, download and install Audacity 1.3.4 or 1.3.5 (see main Audacity website for download links).

In Audacity 1.3.x
Select the “Project rate” in the little box in the bottom right of the main screen. Set this to 44100 Hz (this is the standard for Audio CD’s)
When you Export, select the “Options” button in the Export Dialogue and select “16 bit PCM” (also the CD standard).

For playing Audio files, try Foobar2000 or VLC (both free)

For burning Audio CD’s
Get a copy of “Nero Essentials” - it’s not free, but it’s cheap and it is much better than Windows Media Player for burning CD’s. (Note that if you want to burn DVD videos you need the full, more expensive version on Nero - that is the main limitation of this “lite” version). Nero Essentials is often bundled with CD writers, so if you have a bunch of installation disks hidden away, it may be worth having a look to see if you already have Nero.

You will need to be logged on as an Administrator to install Nero.

Thanks for your reply. I am using Audacity 1.2 (suggested by brother-in-law). I had done one tape that did allow me to copy to a cd - however the soundboard on my computer was goofy so the cd was bad. That was why I’m trying with a new soundboard.

If I was using nero wouldn’t I get the same problem with the media usage rights?

thanks again


Nero includes a setup program that can enable CD burning rights for all users. You need to be logged onto Windows with Administrative rights to install the program, but once installed, all users can burn CDs.

These “burn rights” are nothing to do with the audio files (or Audacity) but to do with Windows and what “permissions” each user has to use particular programs or access particular parts of the computer.

From the Nero FAQ:

Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista do not grant access to low level drivers for users without administrative rights it’s not possible for them to burn CDs or DVDs with Nero. The application Nero BurnRights allows users without administrative rights to burn CDs and DVDs with Nero. The administrator is able to setup user accounts with exclusive burn rights for Nero. This option can be found in:

  • Nero StartSmart
  • Nero Toolkit
  • Nero BurnRights
    Users of Nero 5 or Nero 6 have to download Nero BurnRights separately before they will be able to use it.

Greetings All,

My own tale of woe with WMP begins with trying to burn a list of music that -all- say ‘Properties, Media Usage Rights, File Not Protected’ when click investigated.

Yet EVERY SINGLE ONE of these songs doesn’t want to burn. Why?

I’ve tried downloading both the 32 and 64 bit versions of something called ‘The Windows cumulative update for WMP’ mentioned here-


Only to be told, both times, that ‘this is not for my configuration’.

If I don’t think I should have to buy yet another software package to fix what has cost me the better part of 3,800 dollars to get going, is there a fix-around for this?

I mean we know that there is no DRM copy protection going on here so what is the issue?

Thanks from the weeds… J

Check that the file you are exporting is 16 bit (and preferably 44100 Hz for best compatibility).