Wav File Short and High-Pitched

Hi, everyone!

So, I had a quick question…I’m applying for a voice acting thing, and I used my phone to record the audio. However, the site I’m applying on wants the audio as a WAV file instead of mp3, and when I tried setting up the file to export as a WAV like they wanted (mono track, 16-bit, 44100Hz), the track immediately sped up from about 30-something seconds to like 11 seconds, it plays super fast, and the audio is super high-pitched. How do I fix it so that it plays correctly? Or will I just have to re-record it through my computer’s mic or a headphone mic or something so it sounds okay on a WAV file?

Thanks so much!

P.S: I’ve attached the WAV file so you can hear for yourself what I’m talking about.

The file plays correctly if you change the track sample rate to 6000 Hz (see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audio_track_dropdown_menu.html) but the sound quality is poor.

I suspect that the poor sound quality is due to the original phone recording. Does your phone have an option to record as 16-bit, 44100 Hz WAV?