.wav file in CCITT (µ -law) 8kHz, 8bit, Mono format


I have a VoIP phone system that is requesting that the audio I upload be a .wav file in CCITT (µ -law) 8kHz, 8bit, Mono format.

I don’t seem to see where I can ‘dumb down’ Audacity enough to do this. Can it export a file is this format?


If your project is stereo, convert all tracks to mono using “Tracks menu > Stereo Track to Mono”.

Set the project rate to 8000 (bottom left corner of the main Audacity window).

In the Export dialogue screen, select “Other Uncompressed Formats” as the file type, then click on the “Options” button.
In “Options” select “WAV (Microsoft)” as the Header and “U-Law” as the Encoding.


did the OP solve his issue following your advice?

8 bit export is not an option with above (Audacity 2.03, snow leopard latest updates, even java working). (Recorded in mono, 44.1 16 bit pcm sampling, 8000 in project window bottom left corner, export, other uncompressed formats, microsoft wav and U-law selected) .

once exported and inspected with an external program (VLC, latest macosx) it still shows 16 bit PCM. Oh and the phone systems works it out too, rejected again…

I have to use my old xp VM and sound recorder to get it down to 8 bits.


We are not in the habit of giving incorrect advice :wink:

U-Law and A-Law are 8-bit formats, as explained in the Manual .

If it does not work in your player then perhaps it wants raw U-Law without headers. Please check.


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