wav file edit

am a bit of a newbie tho have used audacity beta in the past

was not sure where to post this
i run win7 64bit and have audacity 2.0.5
i used converterlite software to convert mp4 file to wav
so i could open and edit in audacity
the file is: a voice instructional video downloaded from youtube with background music

when I open that file at select either 16,24 or 32bit it get a screen with two bars
see attachment
i am trying to remove the music so I can hear the voice more clearly

i thought at first the lower bar was the music which i could select and delete
but cannot figure out how to do that if it is possible.

can you help?
audacity two tracks.JPG

If you click on the name of the track (at the top of the box on the left hand end of the track) there is a drop-down menu.
From that menu select “Split Stereo to Mono”.
You can delete the unwanted track by clicking the in the top left corner of the track.

hello steve
yes that worked just great in that i could delete the lower track.
however the same music on that track is also on the upper track.

is there a way to remove the music from the upper track?

Probably not, but there is a chance. If the music is absolutely identical in both channels then it can be removed using the “Vocal Removal” effect (using the default settings). Try that before you split the track. Either it will work or it won’t. If that does not work then you are most likely stuck with the music.

i tried the voice removal and it worked like a charm. tho it is the voice i wanted to keep.

too bad there is not an option to KEEP the voice and remove the music.
thanks for all your help.

Well that offers a glimmer of hope.

There’s one last chance that might give you what you want, but I can’t help you much with this. There is an experimental plug-in by one of the forum members that may be able to help, but I’ve not used it myself so I don’t know the details. The plug-in is available here: Karaoke, Rotation, Panning & more
If you can’t work out how to use it, please ask in that topic and hopefully Robert (the author of the plug-in) will be able to assist.