Wav export 2116Kbps

Until today Exports set at .wav 4100 were 1411Kbps. for some reason on the same settings it exports now at 2116. The Quality sample rate was on Lowest I tried it on medium still 2116. I upgraded my version to the current one still the same problem.I have read through several suggestions in previous posts and checked I am set on 4100 and 16 bit.
Running win10 and 3. 0. 2.

it exports now at 2116.

How are you checking/confirming that?

What format are you exporting to? WAV? FLAC? Etc.?

Until today Exports set at .wav 4100 were 1411Kbps

Uncompressed 44,100Hz (44.1kHz) x 16 bits x 2 channels = 1411kbps.

Perhaps you’ve change the “encoding” from 16-bit to 24-bit. See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/wav_export_options.html

Thanks Sorry for the delay never got an OK on approval. Now sorted I did nothing other than upgrade but for some reason in the Export box the encoding had changed. Now sorted Thanks