Wav, 8bit, 8kHz, A-law [SOLVED]

I want to convert a 24 bit wav into the format Wav, 8bit, 8kHz, A-law. Where is the setting for chaining bitrate?

I can+t find 8 bit? Just 16, 24 and 32?

To select 8 bit file export, select “other uncompressed types” in the export dialog, then click the “Options” button and select the required settings.

The sample rate of the exported file is set in the Project Rate box (lower left corner of main window).
The sample rate cannot be changes as part of a “Chain”.

Thanks! But I can´find a way to both have 8 bit and A-law? It´s either “unsigned 8 bit PCM” or “A-law”, but I need both.

“A-Law” is 8 bit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-law_algorithm