WASAPI Loopback Record Bug

The WASAPI loopback recording doesn`t automatically start anymore… When I click record it now waits for PC audio and cuts off the very beginning of the recording… Past versions just started instantly whether there was any audio or not… And yes I have unchecked “sound activated recording” in the settings.

Are you using Audacity 2.3.3 alpha, or some other version?

I`m using 2.3.2

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When using WASAPI, Audacity will wait for audio samples to arrive. That’s normal. If there’s no active audio stream, then there’s nothing to record, so Audacity will just sit there, waiting…

If you want Audacity to start recording before the application that you want to record starts playing, then you need to “trick” WASAPI into running. One way to do this, is to enable the “listen to this device” option for an unused audio input device in the Windows Sounds Control Panel. On some systems, this may be enabled by default.

Explanation: When “listen to this device” is enabled, WASAPI will be permanently active, drawing audio samples from the device that is being “listened to”. Provided that there is no actual audio signal passing through that device, this background audio stream will just be silence. When the application that you want to record starts playing, this gets added to the “silent stream” that is already playing.

Thanks for the reply, but I figured out a way to “trick” WASAPI too… I just play some random internet audio and turn the volume all the way down and mute it in the player… I hit Audacity record for a few seconds then stop it and delete it… Press record again and it starts immediately, then I start the audio I want to record… BOOM, works perfect… Thanks again.