WASAPI - loopback not working through USB headset

Hey all,

Sorry if this has been answered but I’ve been trying to get this to work for 2 hours and been all over the forums.

I use a USB wireless Logitech G933 headset. But when I’m trying to record the sound that is also coming from the speaker (usual method: Windows WASAPI > Speakers 2- Logitech G933 (loopback) > 2 (stereo). I have sound mix enabled and the bit rate is set to 16bit 44100 as per my headphones mic and speakers.

I’ve also checked the microsoft privacy settings issue but that is all correct.

At the moment the only workaround is using another speaker’s loopback (bluetooth in this case works fine) but that’s not ideal as I was intending to use this for some amateur pod-casting. I’d really prefer to be able to record sound while my headset is on.

If anyone has a work-around for this please let me know.

error message.PNG
deviceinfo.txt (12.1 KB)

I’m unsure what you mean.

In the device toolbar you have:
host = “WASAPI”
Recording device = ???
Playback device = ???

What does that mean?

Audacity usually only supports one “thing” per direction so being able to control both the headphone part of the headset and the speaker may be the worst problem. Plus the possibility of feedback between the speaker and the headset microphone.

Do you have Skype in there, too? Skype used to be the kiss of death, but they designed a recording process which can give you a mix of all the Skype voices, locations and directions.

Perfect for simple podcasting.