Warming up digital tracks

I record music digitally with a Zoom R16 and then edit using Audacity.
The music files always sound better if I take the burned CD from Audacity and rerecord it in real time in analog
(to something like a minidisc or reel to reel recorder) and then make a CD from that. This analog version of the
music is much nicer to listen to. I would love to see a plugin effect that could accomplish this “analogization” and save me the
extra rerecording work. Any ideas?

why not use the reel to reel initially
and save two steps

analog is always better:)

are you sure you are not clipping ?
do you have all the useless processing f/x turned off in the r16?
are you recording through their built in microphones ?

MiniDisk is a digital recorder and should not do that.

Pull down Piano2 and Left-Right from here…


Send them through your “warming up” pathway and let us know when you get done. Export the new work as WAV. DO NOT go through MP3.