Wanting to record D&D session


I’m running a Dungeons & Dragons session using the website Roll20 but can’t seem to get Audacity to record both mine and my friend’s audios.

My friend’s voices are coming through the browser, through Roll20 itself.

It seems to either record my voice or theirs but not both.

If I select Speakers (loopback) I record them and if I choose the Microphone option I get mine (I’m using a headset)

Is there a way of recording both?



You need special “game recording” software, or [u]Pamela[/u] (made for Skype recording) might work.

Is there a way of recording both?

There’s one nobody ever thinks of.

It’s not impossible to make Audacity record the local microphone. That’s a service of the computer, not the game. So both ends record their own microphones and one ships their WAV sound file to the other for editing. WAV is strongly recommended for editing and production. MP3 creates sound damage and it gets worse as you do production.

Import both files and they will appear one above the other and play at the same time (unless you stop them).

You can slide sync back and forth with the Time Shift Tool.


If you’re really clever, you can devise a way to put a sync pop down, such as one of you claps and the other puts their headphones up to the microphone. Yell “Sound Sync” [bang!].


There was a recent post from someone who was doing that. I don’t remember what the complaint was, but it was relatively trivial and they had 99% of the show already working.

If you do this just right, it can appear as if you’re in the same room instead of multiple time zones apart. This technique is recommended for long-form broadcast interviews, too.



that’s a cool idea, and so simple.

The only trick would be to start the recording at the exact same time (or line them up perfectly later) so any spill from one person picked up by the other is aligned and not ghosted or sounds like an echo.

… do people still play D&D?

Jeez that takes me back… almost 40 years…