Want to Revert Back to Previous Version

Hi all, and thanks for any help you can offer me.

I upgraded to Windows 10 more than a year ago. I was using Audacity version 2.3.? to record whatever sounds playing on my computer with no problem in Windows 10. I updated Windows 10 just a couple days ago and suddenly began having problems with Audacity. My settings suddenly didn’t work anymore, which after having to change them up so much to get Audacity to work, I’m afraid I don’t remember what the original settings were.

I only know that after the Windows 10 update, the original settings I had been using for well over a year would not allow Audacity to record anything. So, I had to change the settings in Audacity and Windows and switch them around until I was able to record. But then the problem was that I couldn’t hear anything while recording or during playback. I would have to record in silence and then change settings around again in order to be able to hear the playback.

So, thinking this was a problem caused by the Windows 10 update, I decided to see if there was an Audacity update and downloaded that, version 2.4.?

And I’m having the exact same problems with having to switch the settings around for recording and again for playback, only now there are the additional problems of a tapping noise during recording and playback that was not heard prior to installing the Audacity update and also the environment is unstable. The recording track portion of the screen constantly jumps up and down. Resizing it to fill in so there’s no scroll bar doesn’t matter. It resizes itself back to the scrolling to make sure it creates room to jump up and down again.

Since the update did not fix the settings problem I was having, I would rather revert back to the older version to eliminate the additional problems that the update caused. Is there a way to go download the previous version?

Thanks again.

There are old versions of Audacity here: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html
During the installation, I would highly recommend enabling the option to “Reset Preferences”.

Okay thx, I’ll try that.