Want to make this sound like THIS!

Please listen to these two sounds and can you please tell me how you describe the character of these two sounds?

Harp 1


Harp 2


I need to find a way to make harp 1 sound like harp 2 :slight_smile:

If you use “Plot Spectrum” you will see that the frequency content is different. You may be able to make them more similar using the “Graphic EQ” effect.

Useful links:

EQ to make H1≈H2.png

OH , You mean I do something like the picture you showed me . OK but when I try I do not get those curved lines all lines I create are straight now like thick pencils as you showed me . I do not have Equalization in my audacity

Which version of Audacity do you have? (look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)

3.1.3 is what I have !

In Audacity 3.1.3: “Effect menu > Graphic EQ”
See also: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/graphic_eq.html

If the spectrograms (barcode-like displays) match, then they have the same timbre.
Harp1 -  Harp2 - EQ'd Harp1.png

Instead of using equalizer, quick way to attenuate the harsh buzzyness of Harp1 is to apply a low pass filter
low pass 9kHz 12dB.png

I compared them but it does not seem to give that roundness and body to the harp. The harp 1 is still thin.

It would be possible to make them a better timbre match with a higher resolution equalization,
but no amount of equalization will turn a basic violin into a Stradivarius.

It is not like Violin into stradivarious , Both are same harmonica , same music note , same mic same distance
the only difference is that the second one the harmonica is in my hand the other one I am playing it without hand around it
because I use rack to play it with my guitar I can hold it inside my hand to give that round sound

Here’s a better match,
but no amount of equalization will remove buzzing, (either previously damped by your hands, or generated by the rack).

Harp1 - Harp2 - EQ'd Harp1, (2nd attempt).png

Thanks, How do I find the file your sent me to see the eq settings?

The EQ is nightmarishly complex …
It’s possible to import the EQ settings (an xml file) … https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/filter_curve_eq.html#settings
H32K+20.xml (35.6 KB)

I just noticed the latest version of Audacity only allows 200 control points on an EQ curve :frowning:
Harp-128p.xml (2.25 KB)
128 point appoximation.gif
The necessary +6dB bump at ~400Hz does not survive the approximation to 128 points :frowning:

Thanks I do not know how to import it :frowning:
I read the link you sent me but in my plugin section action or inactive there is no such a tool to import it

Check out this post. Maybe it can help.