Want to make a sound so that it being similar to a sound from distance (large festival area from distance) - muffled with ecco


I have a recording of walking in a deep forrest, and I want to add in sounds. The problem is that the sounds are clear because recorded from close distance. However, I want to filter those sounds in a way so that they get similar to a sound from a distance.

Like - have you be located like a mile from a large festival area, you kind of recognize the voices and music - but it has get just too muffled to be able to distinguish each word.

Is this possible to achieve using Audacity ?

I am not an effects expert, but you could try simply running the sound through a low-pass filter. High frequency sounds seem to attenuate with distance.

There are free plugins which emulate spaces, e.g. … Soundly | The Complete Sound Effect Platform

Hi, You apply basic sound studio tricks. First backup your initial file file and copy it somewhere. Then start experimenting with the Graphic EQ and subtle delay/echo effects and the Graphic EQ. High frequencies are the first things fallout over distances. So music from far away doesn’t have that clarity because the lack of high end. So try pulling a lot of 1.25K all the way to 20K down on the graph Eq. Apply and have a listen. You noticed that distance music you can kinda hear what song it is but can’t make out the words. That’s because the human voice ranges from about 500K to 3k, so bring some of that way down. Then the other frequencies that get eaten up are low sub bass like 50, 63 & 100k. Those low freqs usually get absorbed by human bodies. Play around until you get your “muffled sound.” Then play around with the echo. A longer delay but little decay factor. And don’t forget to EQ the echo by rolling off the high end. Also try a little reverb but not too much. Again there is no real mouse click patch that I know of, EQ and delay should get you pretty close. But plugins must be out there.
If it sounds like old analog sound tips, it is because they are, I am an old guy. Good luck.

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Thanks for suggestion Briank56. I’l try this when I get time to test this out. It’s just a small hobby project for having some fun with my family.

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