Want to extract breathing sound and heartbeat from silent audio file


I want to differentiate breathing sounds from the audio file.
I have applied the first High pass filter second de-clicker filer then the noise gate filter then it’s good for us to get a proper breathing sound.

can anyone suggest to me which things or procedures are done in the de-clicker and noise gate filter?

Thanks in advance.

Shivam Shah


I’m trying to get the breathing sound out of a silent audio file. Only heartbeat and breathing sounds are present in the audio. I tried one way based on my basic knowledge of audio processing. In that approach, the actions listed below are used.

(1) Highpass filter

(2) Declicker for removing the heart clicks

(3) Noise gate filter for removing noise

This method does not produce satisfactory results for me. Is there any other possible answer to this problem statement? like any other filter or the parameter settings for the filters that are currently in use?

Are you “JainamShah” and “shivam”?
If so, please decide which name you want to use and I’ll close the other account.

We are different people, working on the same project.

To save duplication, best that we discuss in one forum thread.

What’s the project?
For audiobook production it is best to avoid using the Noise Gate effect. ACX specifically say not to use noise gates.

Personally I like to use a high-pass filter first, then fix any clicks manually.

I’m not a fan of automatic click removal as I find that it misses some clicks and “repairs” some parts that are not clicks. A good recording should not have many clicks that need repairing. If automatic click removal is good enough for your purposes, I’d do that second.

Then I’d use Noise Reduction with gentle settings. Excessive noise reduction will cause unpleasant metallic artefacts. Take care to avoid excessive processing.

Thank you for your response! Surly! This will be discussed further in the same topic.

Basically, I’m looking for the breathing sound in the audio. In a silent situation, the audio is recorded on the chest surface.

And I’d like it to be found automatically by simply clicking the user-defined macro. I used the highpass filter first and then used De-clicker to remove heartbeat clicks. However, I am unable to achieve decent outcomes with my current settings. In addition, there is a silent noise in the Audio that I want to delete automatically. Can you assist me in learning how to use the de-clicker and other noise-reduction filters?

Is it possible to obtain the Declicker and noise gate filter’s source code?

Also, if I want to utilise audacity from the command line. Is this something that can be done?

Noise Gate: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/blob/master/plug-ins/noisegate.ny

Noise Gate is a Nyquist plug-in. If you were referring to the Declicker that is hosted on this forum, then that’s also a Nyquist plug-in.
For Nyquist plug-ins, the plug-in IS the source code, and can be opened / edited in any plain text editor (I recommend using NotePad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/)

Hearts don’t click, (unless they’ve had a mechanical-valve fitted).

Thank you! And can it be used on the command line? Is it possible to use these filters without GUI? Also, can you suggest any good source for understanding the Nyquist plug-ins?

Thanks for the reply!

Not directly. Nyquist plug-ins require Audacity.

You can however run Audacity from Bash, Python, or any other language that supports “named pipes”. This requires mod-script-pipe to be enabled in Audacity. Some info here: Scripting - Audacity Manual

See here: Manuals and reference material
and this section of the forum in general: Nyquist - Audacity Forum