Want to combine two audio files but one sounds different


I have two audio files (From a game I play, background is that they both sound alike to I want to put them both together and see what they sound like as one.) and I encountered a problem when putting parts of them together. One of them seems to have a… reverb effect? I don’t know how to apply it to the other part/sound without the ‘effect’. When I do it normally with reverb, it sounds different than the one that seems to have the effect.

My question is, how do I get both of them to sound the same? How do I make the bit of the audio without the ‘reverb’ have the exact tone as the one with?

Audio file notes:

The two named ‘The black rose’ and ‘The black rainbow’ are the two audio files I wanted to combine, so I edited out ‘the black’ from the black rose and replaced it with the black in the black rainbow. Black Rose in Rainbow is what I got, but notice how there’s a difference in how they sound.

(backstory, I play a game and there’s voice actors for quotes by champions in the game [league of legends] and one champion has an unlisted voice actress, while the other has a listed one, and both ‘the black rainbow’ and ‘the black rose’ are each a quote from the two champions, they sounded really alike so I decided to see what would happen if I put both together)

It almost worked. Mess with Effect > Reverb. I don’t think there are any elves who can listen to that sample and tell you what the slider values are.

I used the default settings and I got too much reverb for a good match. A better match may be somewhere in the middle.


Thank you for response :slight_smile: