Want to add strings to my track recordings

I don’t need an entire string section, just a quartet: one violin, one viola, one cello and double base violin. If anything other, perhaps a couple of flutes, or panpipes. Looking for a middle earth, Celtic or (Stairway to Heaven-like tone) to back up my vocals, 12 string guitars and mandolin tracks. Is there a way to do this without buying a synthesizer, or hiring the Philharmonic or Led Zeppelin :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a plug in or some inexpensive software. Maybe something like Band in a Box, and or RealTracks, but I don’t think either of these are compatible with Audacity.

I would like to be able to produce a simple chord progression of the four instruments just holding a note or double stops, or doing simple arpeggios in a given key. Nothing too complicated or expensive. Free would be nice. Perhapes some download with a trial version.


Audacity doesn’t support MIDI. You’ll need to move-up from an audio editor (Audacity) to a DAW.

I don’t know anything about Band In A Box, but it’s probably a good start. SONAR and Cubase have been popular for many years. REAPER is popular among home users because you can get a home & small business license for only $60 USD and you get the full-professional version.

Real Tracks appears to be virtual instruments which are an add-on to the DAW. There are all kinds of virtual instruments available and they can get quite expensive (although cheap compared to real instruments), so it’s probably worthwhile to choose a DAW that comes with some good virtual instruments.

There is a big learning curve with these things, so most people tend to stick with a DAW once they learn to use it.

Thanks, Doug. I’ll look into that I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable amount for software if it can provide real instruments rather than just midi. Midi sucks. Meanwhile I downloaded MusicScore. Are you or perhaps any other forum member familiar with this. Any chance this program could provide real sounding instruments.? I may take a chance on DAW I think MIAB runs about a hundred bucks, maybe another $30 for the RealTracks, which is probably all I need. The two seem to only be available as a bundle. Is there a website for DAW?

So basically, Audacity is a recording and editing device, and cannot really be used as an instrument (with the help of QWERTY for example), and also cannot produce sounds, but only alter sounds that are imported or prerecorded?

Yes, more or less. The main way of creating sounds is with MIDI or VST instruments (Audacity does not support VST instruments either).

Missing features - Audacity Support has some information about conversion between MIDI and audio files (and vice-versa) and a list of some free MIDI applications.