WahWah help

I tried to use WahWah effect to create “quack” sound but I can’t seem to make it.
I have a sample of 4 notes for which I need to create “quack” sound for each of them. “Quack” wah sound should be very strong for each note.
I have attached .aup project, so I if someone can help me, I would appreciate.
wah.zip (498 KB)

Wah effect has a fixed frequency (LFO), odds are it won’t correspond with each note.
To synchronise a wah effect with each note, you need a filter which is dependent on the envelope,
e.g. Mutron

Neither Wah or Mutron quack: they don’t add a “ck” at the end, they can just Wah.

But, wah pedals are making quack sound, right?
Why don’t wah effect on Audacity do the same?

Just “wah”, no “ck”

No pedal for user to control when the effect is applied, (Audacity does not do real-time controls).
Audacity’s wah-wah is varied by a Low Frequency Oscillator running at a constant (user adjustable) rate.

There are Auto-Wah effects, (like Mutron), where the wah filter effect is varied according to the volume of the sound.