vynil plugin [SOLVED]


MC book pro OS 10.8.5

i down loaded Adacity 2.1.0 but cannot find the plug in " Vynil " [ vinyl effect ]

thanks for your help

Audacity does not ship with the LADSPA “vynil” effect.

If you have tried to drag the new Audacity folder into the same location where the old Audacity folder is, the Mac will give you the choice of “Keep newer” or “Replace all”.

“Keep newer” retains any files in your existing Audacity folder that are not in the new installation and updates files that are in the new installation. That is the choice you want if you wish to retain plugins that you have added to your Audacity installation. If you choose “Replace all”, that deletes any files in your existing Audacity folder that are not in the new installation, so it would delete “vynil_1905” if that was in there.

You can download the SWH LADSPA plugins for Mac here: http://audacity.googlecode.com/files/swh-plugins-mac-0.4.15.zip. As an alternative to placing those plugins in Audacity’s Plug-ins folder, you can install the plugins to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/LADSPA or /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/LADSPA. If you place the plugins in either of those folders, you won’t accidentally overwrite them when you install a new version of Audacity.



i probably did erase the old one
because i cannot find nowhere this plug in !

i downloaded the SWh plugin but where schould i put this file if the plugins is in it .

thnaks to let me know .

If you only want the Vinyl effect, extract the ZIP file somewhere convenient, then look for the file “vinyl_1905.so” among the extracted files (there are over 90 effects in that zip archive and you probably do not want all of them). Then put the “vinyl_1905.so” file into one of the plugin locations described by Gale.

all ok thanks for your patience .

tout marche bien , merci de votre paitence .