VST3 or Dll-Plug-ins

Hello folks,

I’m having a lot of trouble installing the “Clear” plug-in in Audacity under Effects.
The normal path [Audacity ==> Effects ==> Extension Management] doesn’t work.
The plug-in is placed in the plug-in folders under “C” only with the suffixes “VST3” and “DLL”. Other plug-ins in Audacity all have the suffix “NY”.

Can someone tell me how I should proceed here?
Thank you and best regards.

VST plug-ins usually come with an installer, usually an EXE file. When you run the installer, they usually get automatically installed as .DLL in a Steinberg folder and Audacity should find them. (Steinberg created the DLL format/protocol.)

Some (many) VST plug ins don’t support Audacity so they don’t work, or sometimes they don’t work completely/correctly. (In any case, Audacity should automatically find them in the Steinberg folder.)

Nyquist (.NY) plug-ins are especially for Audacity and they should be installed to the Audacity plug-ins folder.

You may have to enable them, no matter the format.

Installing Plug-Ins

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