VST2 Plugins issue

This applies to a lot of VST2 plugins on Windows 11 using Audacity 3.4.2

When I load up an audio file and add a realtime effect (VST2) and dial in some settings in that plugin, the moment i restart playback all setttings are reset to default.
Izotope Neutron 3 for instance always loads up with an equalizer activated. When i change this to a compressor, the moment i restart playback of the audio file it resets to default state, which is an equalizer. I saw this behavior with various VST2 plugins. When I do the same with the VST3 version of those plugins everything works fine.

Is there some kind of instability with VST2?
Does Audacity have a clear preference for VST3?

Izotope doesn’t officially support Audacity so they may not work, or they may not work properly/completely.

From the Izotope Website:

…Very few commercial plug-in officially support Audacity and with free plug-ins it’s usually hit-or-miss because they usually don’t have the budget to test/debug/support all of the hosts and keep-up with revisions, etc.

Me* too, not all VST2, and some VST3s.
Sometimes a workaround is to save your settings as preset in the plugin for them to persist.

[ *I’m still on Windows 8].

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