VST2 plugins in Linux

I’m using Audacity 3.5.1 for Linux. I’ve been using Audacity for a long time but I’m fairly new to Linux, having recently migrated from Windows.

Vst3 plugins are fine; some are compatible, some are not - but they are all detected.
Vst2 plugins are not detected at all. I have tried placing them in each of the locations specified in the support file.
I appreciate that many of the plugins I used in Windows Audacity may not necessarily be compatible with Linux Audacity, but I’d have thought they’d at least be detected and listed as incompatible. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Linux support for VST2 has always been poor to non-existent, largely because the VST2 license terms are incompatible with most open source licenses. Steinberg (owners of VST technology) released VST3 under license terms that are more friendly to open source, so Linux support for VST3 tends to be much better than for VST2.

That’s disappointing. I had no idea licenses were even involved.

I’m guessing there is no simple method of converting a VST2 plugin to VST3?