vst to make one voice or sound sound like a large crowd???

is there any good plug-in or vst to take a voice or sound and make it sound like a large crowd is yelling it out??? I want to do the same sort of thing with a Pokémon sound as well…

If it’s your voice, record yourself several times into the same Audacity project.
Duplicate the tracks (select the tracks then press Ctrl + D) and then move the duplicates a little to the right or left using the Time Shift tool http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Tools_Toolbar#timeshift

adding a hint of random pitch variation to each duplicate will make them sound more like different people in the crown, rather than clones.
There is a plugin for that … http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Effect_Plug-ins#Random_Pitch_Modulation

[ I did see $oftware specifically for crowd simulation … http://www.quikquak.com/Prod_CrowdChamber.html but I’ve never used it so couldn’t tell you if it works with Audcity ]