VST Plugins High Sierra

i downloaded a vst plugins, it 's an virtual guitar amp, and i don’t anderstand how to use it in Audacity. Actually i don’t anderstand ANY vst plugin. I’ve activated it in Effects/Plugins, but what ? So i should see an amplifier with knobs, and play guitar through it, how is it possible ?
Thanks for any help… :blush:

Audcaity does not apply effects live, in real-time. It applies them post-production.
You’ll need other software if you want to use (VST) effects live.

Okay, what kind of software ? Thanks

Mac software usually use AU plug-ins rather than VST.
VST plug-ins are more commonly supported on Windows.

https ://bedroomproducersblog.com/2011/05/16/bpb-freeware-studio-best-free-vst-host-applications/

https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_FreeAmp/ proposes free plugins bundle like fguitar amp and effects. Available in AU and VST for MAC. So to use them live, what software must i install first? My idea is to use an virtual amp to play guitar connected to a sound card and record it in audacity. I have already seen that list of vst hosts, but to play live a plugin, which ones ? Sure it’s not an audacity related question i know…

Edit : OK i got it, so “live host” for Mac, there are not much, but pedal board must be fine.