VST plugin problem!

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I have Mac OS X Lion and Audacity 2 installed from the DMG and I am not able to use DX Reverb light plugin from ANWIDA because it does not appear in the effects menu, I have moved the .vst file to Audacity plugin folder and I have checked the reescan plugin at the next restart but still won’t appear, doe anyone know how to solve this?

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How did you get the plugin download? Specifically. Koz


DX Reverb Light
Mac OS X (VST)

Decompressed the .sit file and got the installer, custom directory to select /applications/audacity/plugins and the file “DX Reverb Light.vst” is created there (at first I’ve installed into the default directory (/library/audio/plug-ins/vst) but wasn’t working so I tried to install into the plugins folders from Audacity, but Audacity won’t recognize it (won’t appear in the effects menu) despite trying everything :frowning:

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You used to need “VST Bridge” software to get Audacity to recognize VST plugins. Maybe that’s still true.

No luck. If the plugin tries to launch fancy graphics right at the beginning, it’s not going to load in Audacity. Audacity doesn’t support VST graphics.

Hmm strange, I have tried with a friend’s Windows computer and using Audacity 2 and DX Reverb and it loads and works fine even the GUI but on my Mac is impossible! Is the Audacity VST support for Mac more limited or something? Anyway I will try VST bridge. Thanks, I need this plugin because I tried it with Windows and gives good reverb effect that I cannot get with Gverb :slight_smile:

Q: I installed the VST plug-ins for Mac but my host application does not recognize them. What’s the problem?
A: The Mac plug-ins require MacOS X to work. If you are using MacOS X, check that your audio host application supports Mach-O plug-in format. This is required to use the plug-ins.



I have read those links way before and I do not understand them, but I have saw now that it is for PPC and not Intel, despite it saying that they are Universal binaries (the modify year is 2003l) so I will use a Windows machine to use it.

Please read the FAQ you cited :slight_smile:

There is no need to add the VST Enabler which was required by previous versions of Audacity.

Audacity 1.3.8 or later has a specific setting in the Effects Preferences “Display VST effects in graphical mode.”