VST plug-ins folder(s)?

I’ve read all the Audacity 2.2.2 manual but I still have a question about Vst plug-ins: since I already have many 32 bit Vst in my folders
C:\Programs (x86)\VST
C:\Programs (x86)\VST32 and C:\Programs (x86)\Steinberg\VST plugins
(I have not already enable any of them but Audacity seems to recognize them),
what do you suggest me about Vst’s management and future installations?
Is it OK I continue to use this folders? Or maybe is better to create a new folder in Audacity path where copy the existing and installing the new .dll ?
I’m trying to still simple, avoid conflicts and unnecessary folders, and I prefer not utilize the Appdata\Roaming folder cause I need multiple user accounts.

Always read the installation instructions for VST effects. Some effects require that the plug-in is installed in specific locations and may not work correctly in other locations. In such cases, the installer should ensure that the plug-in location is in the VST path, so Audacity (and any other VST host) should be able to find it.

VST plug-in files should not be manually moved after installation as they may have registry keys that depend on the installation directory.

Thank you steve, yes I see, is not my intention move .dll after installation, but I still have doubts about the right path folder(s) in my specific case, let me explain 2 points:

  • I utilize two main DAWs: a x64 host with Jbridge and Audacity, the main use of almost all 32 bit VSTs is in Audacity but at the same time I prefer VSTs remain visible also in the other host.
  • For my experience in the not too many 32 bit plugins I installed there are no particular instructions, they are all divided in .rar folder with.dll that I usually extract, cut and copy in my folder of choice that i created manually (VST32), and installer.exe that, where is possible, I address in the same folder, and in some other (rare) case, where is suggested a specific path, maybe for future upgrade, I prefer to not change the destination (this is the reason of “VST” and “Steinberg\VstPlugins” folders)

So, considering these 2 points, my “natural” procedure to installing VSTs doesn’t include any specific Audacity folder, but since in the manual is suggested to create one in Appdata\Roaming or User/Audacity, I ask for clarifications/pros/cons/suggestions… about continue or change this method.
Maybe is a good idea to create an Audacity folder where install the .dll files listed in the Audacity manual/wiki and continue in my “old” manner for the others i download around the web???
I really don’t have clear ideas…

The manual (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/installing_effect_generator_and_analyzer_plug_ins_on_windows.html#vst_install) says to put VST plug-ins in:
OR, in any valid path defined for VST plug-ins.

There are many possible locations for VST plug-ins, that depend on registry settings and environmental variables. The easiest way to check if one of the common locations is defined on your machine, is to try it.

If C:\Programs (x86)\VST works OK, then I’d suggest using that (easy to remember). Just try enabling an effect that’s in there (note that not all VST plug-ins will work with Audacity, so you may need to try more than one. (more info here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/installing_effect_generator_and_analyzer_plug_ins_on_windows.html#Why_do_some_VST_plug-ins_not_work_or_display_incorrectly.3F)