VST effects are blank

Been a longtime user of Audacity since 2011. So I’m trying out Audacity 3.3.3, and I discovered the downloadable VST effects including FullBucket Frequency Shifter, etc etc
Here’s my problem. With most Nyquist effects the settings are adjustable. But with these VST effects, there are absolutely no options at all to adjust the settings. This frustrates me. The only things I can find are the Presets options, and the effect settings are not in the Options dialog on the PResets part of the interface.
Note that I’m a blind user using Windows 10 with the latest version of NVDA screenreader.


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Audacity 3 has a second “effects” menu where real-time effects (VST2 & VST3) can be enabled. They also appear in the old “effect” menu, but there they are not real-time: they only work in preview fashion.

The new realtime effects menu is hidden: it appears (on the far left) by clicking on an “effects” button on the track control panel , (immediately above the track gain slider).

God knows if this new arrangement is navigable via a screenreader.

I do see the “Add effect” option, and yes it actually is navigable. But the VST effects themselves, as far as my screenreader is concerned, don’t really seem to have anything whatsoever as far as adjusting the settings. Literally even if it’s an actual dialog (with the “…” at the end of its name), the only thing my screenreader gives me is the Apply button, and the thing about presets. Like there’s absolutely nothing related to adjusting the settings of each effect.

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There has been some discussion about this issue on the Audacity for the Blind Mailing List: https://www.freelists.org/list/audacity4blind

I believe there has been some work done to correct this issue on the current Audacity 3.4 Alpha: https://nightly.link/audacity/audacity/workflows/build/master

Disclaimer: The Alpha is untested and may have serious known or unknown bugs. Do NOT use the Alpha for any production work.

Hi Michael,
in Audacity 3.3.3, there’s a problem with the accessibility of VST/VST2 effects, but not VST3 effects, and most vst effects now come with both vst and vst3 versions.
In Audacity, by default, vst effects use a custom user interface which is not accessible. However, there’s an option to disable this and have an accessible interface. For more details, in the following guide, in the plugins section, there’s a section on VST and VST3 effect plugins:


Thanks for the info. Thank goodness I still have an older (32-bit) Audacity for some of those other plugins to work. I installed 3.3.3 as the Zip just in case I didn’t like the newer version if I ever wanted to revert back to the old version. But sometimes the older version has a few things I still use which the new one doesn’t. So I’m glad I have the two versions to compare and contrast.

Hi Michael,
just to add, that, as has already been mentioned in this thread, the accessibility problem with older vst plugins will be fixed in the next release of Audacity, version 3.4.0.


Thanks. Then I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

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