Voxengo AnSpec vst displays only gray box

Dear wonderful volunteers,
I’m running Audacity 2.4.2 on Mac 10.13.6. When I attempt AnSpec as an effect, only a gray box appears. This happens frequently with VST plugins. (Interestingly, TDR’s Nova and Slick EQ VST’s display fine.) Get info>Open With shows “Not applicable,” and, indeed, Audacity is grayed out. (The Nova plugins apparently open with Pro Tools First.) Also tried Melda’s MAutoPitch which has a Universal Installer. This also displays a gray box. Restarting Audacity (and my computer) did not help. I would be grateful to know where I have gone amiss. Thank you!

On Mac I’d suggest trying the AU version of AnSpec rather than the VST.

Hi Steve,
THANK YOU for replying! I installed the AU version (as shown) but it doesn’t appear as New in the Effects List. (I deleted the VST version which now shows as Disabled.) Sigh.
Finder-Audio Plugins.png

Audacity traditionally didn’t get along well with plugins that had complex graphic interfaces. That’s the first thing that came to mind when you said you got a gray box instead of controls and settings you were expecting.

Sometimes programs will use fancy interfaces as sales or promotion efforts. Kiss of death. Audacity will never keep up with that.


Does it work in other apps, for example in Garage Band?

Ah. Well, that helps explain it. Thank you!

Hi Steve,
It does, indeed, work in GB. I still much prefer Audacity!

TDR Nova has a spectrogram display, (a/k/a “analyser”).