Volume too quiet via headphones to record new track. how to fix? 3.4.2 version

Hello. I use M-audio and am trying to record myself doing a guitar track, and then do vocal track, over that. When I record the guitar track and listen via speakers the volume is great, but if I listen to the track through headphones it is so quiet I can barely hear it to sing the vocal track. what is going on? any idea? All volume is fine via speakers. It is only too quiet when using the headphones. I asked this question in Dec.2023, but never received a resolution. I hope someone can help. Thanks very much.

Sorry to trouble you again, but where are the two links after audacity that you refer to? My OS sound settings are fine. While I am recording I have PERFECT volume control and can hear clearly through the headphones & can adjust the volume. However, after I record a track the playback is too quiet & turning the volume up or down does nothing. Is it because M-Audio is incompatible with Audacity? If the headphones work perfectly during recording, but not playback, what setting adjustments are required? Thank you.

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