Volume too low when recording from web [SOLVED]

I have a need to record audio from a web site. I tried Audacity but the volume level of the recording is so low that boosting it leads to a lot of noise.

I downloaded a trial version of an audio recorder and that works great but after the trial period it is $39 and I really prefer Audacity.

I have set the level controls to the highest available and still get very week audio level. Is there a problem with the Audacity or is there some setting I may be missing to capture web audio?

Thanks. :question:

Which version of Windows are you using?
Are you using the “WASAPI loopback” method as described here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html

Win 7. yes i found that works fine EXCEPT if i plug in my headset it no longer works.

I don’t know how to do this so I can record and listen on the headset. Somehow using headset disable recording of web audio.

What type of headset is it - USB? You can’t record computer playback using stereo mix with a USB headset, but you should be able to record a USB headset using WASAPI loopback.

If the headset is listed as a different playback device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar, then try selecting that device in the output device box in Device Toolbar, as well as changing the input device to the “(loopback)” input for that playback device.


Just a plain vanilla headset with mic. ( mic not plugged in )

However I had a “DUH” moment and unplugged from front of computer and plugged into the headset jack on the external speakers and that solves my problem.

Now I can record and listen over headsets. :confused: